20 winning and shortlisted stories from the 2016 Retreat West Short Story and Flash Fiction Prizes.

A past that comes back to haunt a woman when she feels she has no future.

A man with no mind of his own living a life of clichés.

A teenage girl band that maybe never was.

A dying millionaire’s bizarre tasks for the family hoping to get his money.

A granddaughter losing the grandfather she loves.

A list of things about Abraham Lincoln that reveal both sadness and ambition for a modern day schoolgirl.

These stories and more make up this anthology from the winning and shortlisted writers in the 2016 Retreat West Short Story Prize and Flash Fiction Prize.

From moving and poignant, to creepy and laugh out loud funny, these stories showcase a selection of the talented voices writing short fiction today.


ISBN: 1999747216

Published: 7th August 2017


ISBN: 978-1999747213

Published: 8th August 2017

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About the authors
Featuring stories from award-winning writers such as Joanna Campbell, Mandy Huggins and Jude Higgins and emerging new voices, Angelita Bradney and Judith Wilson, and more.
A fabulous collection of short stories from heart-achingly poignant to laugh out loud craziness.
Michelle Ryles, Book Magnet Blog