As If I Were A River, Amanda Saint

Kate’s life is falling apart. Her husband has vanished without a trace – just like her mother did. Laura’s about to do something that will change her family’s lives forever – but she can’t stop herself. Una’s been keeping secrets – but for how much longer?

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What Was Left, Various

20 winning and shortlisted stories from the 2016 Retreat West Short Story and Flash Fiction Prizes. A past that comes back to haunt a woman when she feels she has no future. A man with no mind of his own living a life of clichés. A teenage girl band that maybe never was. A dying millionaire’s bizarre tasks for the family hoping to get his money. A granddaughter losing the grandfather she loves. A list of things about Abraham Lincoln that reveal both sadness and ambition for a modern day schoolgirl.

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Nothing Is As It Was, Various

A charity anthology of climate-fiction stories raising funds for the Earth Day Network. A schoolboy inspired by a conservation hero to do his bit; a mother trying to save her family and her farm from drought; a world that doesn’t get dark anymore; and a city that lives in a tower slowly being taken over by the sea.

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Separated From The Sea, Amanda Huggins

Separated From the Sea is the debut short story collection from award-winning author, Amanda Huggins. Crossing oceans from Japan to New York and from England to Havana, these stories are filled with a sense of yearning, of loss, of not quite belonging, of not being sure that things are what you thought they were. They are stories imbued with pathos and irony, humour and hope.

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Impermanent Facts – the anthology of winning and shortlisted stories from the 2017 RW Short Story Prize and RW Flash Fiction Prize.

The Word For Freedom – a charity anthology of stories celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage and raising funds for Hestia.

This Is (Not About) David Bowie by FJ Morris – a collection of flash fictions.


Remember Tomorrow by Amanda Saint – a novel.

All The Things That Made Me Are Broken Into Pieces by Sophie Jonas-Hill – a novel.

Soul Etchings by Sandra Arnold – a flash fiction collection.