As If I Were A River, Amanda Saint

Kate’s life is falling apart. Her husband has vanished without a trace – just like her mother did. Laura’s about to do something that will change her family’s lives forever – but she can’t stop herself. Una’s been keeping secrets – but for how much longer?

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What Was Left, Various

20 winning and shortlisted stories from the 2016 Retreat West Short Story and Flash Fiction Prizes. A past that comes back to haunt a woman when she feels she has no future. A man with no mind of his own living a life of clichés. A teenage girl band that maybe never was. A dying millionaire’s bizarre tasks for the family hoping to get his money. A granddaughter losing the grandfather she loves. A list of things about Abraham Lincoln that reveal both sadness and ambition for a modern day schoolgirl.

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Nothing Is As It Was – a charity anthology of climate-fiction stories raising funds for the Earth Day Network.

Separated From The Sea by Amanda Huggins – a collection of short stories.