2018 Novel Prize Winner

Very excited indeed to announce the results of the 2018 Novel Prize competition. The winner receives a publishing contract with Retreat West Books with a £500 advance. Well done to all of the writers that were on the shortlist. It has been a tough decision to make and all of the novels I read have much to admire in them.

The winner is Nick Petty for his novel, Westman, which is set in Iceland and weaves together a modern day story with one from the past, along with folk tales and superstitions. The characters, setting and story gripped me from the outset and I am very much looking forward to working with Nick to edit the novel and bring it to the world. More info will be revealed on this novel soon.

In second place is Annalisa Crawford with Small Forgotten Moments and she wins a full novel critique. This is a story dealing with memory and family and was a real contender for the top spot.

In third place is Rachel Rivett with her YA novel, Traitor Girl, and she wins a year’s Gold Author Membership with Retreat West. Another gripping novel with well-realised characters that I’m sure will reach readers soon.

Thanks to everyone that took part. The 2019 prize will open for entries soon.

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