The 2018 Retreat West Novel Prize Shortlist

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the writers who entered the prize and congratulations again to all who made the longlist, which you can see here. There are so many great story ideas and talented writers on the list and it has been really hard to make the decision of who goes through to the next round.

I have re-read the longlisted entries several times and am delighted to announce that the following writers and novels have been shortlisted. I will now read the full MS of all of these and the winner will be signed to Retreat West Books for a paperback and ebook edition of the novel. I’m really excited to read more of these compelling stories.


  • Iron Scourge by Wendy Lerner Lym
  • Riding a Lightbeam by Ruth Brandt
  • Small Acts of Courage by Sue McCormack
  • Small Forgotten Moments by Annalisa Crawford
  • Talland House by Maggie Humm
  • The Uganda Sails Wednesday by Stuart Condie
  • Traitor Girl by Rachel Rivett
  • Westman by Nick Petty

I plan to announce the results in March 2019. After which time, the 2019 Prize will open for entries as I search for the next exciting novel to sign to Retreat West Books.

In the meantime, you can enter the First Chapter Competition to be in with a chance of feedback on your novel opening. It’s a great chance to get your work noticed and of our previous winning and shortlisted writers, several have gone on to get a publishing contract as a direct result of this competition. Our 2019 judge is literary agent, Sarah Manning, at The Bent Agency.


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