Latest signing – Sandra Arnold for Soul Etchings

Delighted to announce the latest signing for Retreat West Books is Sandra Arnold for her fabulous flash fiction collection, Soul Etchings. The stories weave their way into your mind, coming back to you at odd times when you hadn’t known you were thinking about them. They capture how difficult it is to know other people and how just one small moment can set you off on a different path and change life forever. The range of different voices is fantastic and the New Zealand setting transports you there. I’m really looking forward to bringing Sandra’s collection to the world in June 2019.

Sandra is an award-winning writer who lives in New Zealand. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from CQ University, Australia. She is the author of  a book on parental bereavement, Sing No Sad Songs, and two novels,  Tomorrow’s Empire and A Distraction of Opposites. Her short stories have been widely published and anthologised in New Zealand and internationally. Her flash fiction appears in numerous international journals and anthologies including  Sleep is a Beautiful Colour  (National Flash Fiction Day, UK, 2017) and is forthcoming in Bonsai: The Big Book of Small Stories (Canterbury University Press, NZ, 2018). Her work was nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize and the 2017 and 2018 Best Small Fictions. Sandra’s third novel, Ash, will be published by Mākaro Press (New Zealand) in 2019. She is on the advisory board and a guest editor of Meniscus: the journal of the Australasian Association of Writing Programmes.

Sandra said: “I began writing flash fiction early in 2016 while I was completing my third novel. The title of the first story I wrote was Soul Etchings. I found the form to be addictive and two years later I had 58 stories around the themes of loss and renewal, and different ways of being in the world. When I started looking for a publisher for the collection Amanda Saint was at the top of my list. I love what she’s doing with Retreat West Books, her energy and creativity, and I felt instinctively that she would be the right publisher for my work. To my delight she accepted the manuscript and suggested I change the title to Soul Etchings. This, I was more than happy to do as it perfectly encapsulates the overarching themes in the collection as well as the brevity of the form.”

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