Retreat West Books first novel signing

Really thrilled to have signed the first novel for Retreat West Books.

All The Things That Made Me Are Broken Into Pieces, the new novel from Sophie Jonas-Hill, will be published in Spring 2019. It’s a heartbreaking and hopeful story of tattoo artist, Lydia, who’s lost herself after losing several babies. When she finds herself alone to deal with her grief she fixates on a young, teenage girl who she believes is in trouble, rather than facing up to her own problems. It’s raw, visceral and full of heart, and I knew I wanted to publish it straight away.

I’ve read lots of Sophie’s work over the years, both her published and unpublished novels, and she is a great talent and I’m delighted to have signed her to Retreat West Books.

Sophie said: ‘This is a book which was written in pain, anger and a lot of laughter, in about three incredible weeks two years ago. It means a lot to me, and after some near misses with agents who wanted to scrub it clean of passion, I’m delighted to be working on it with Amanda, whom I trust both to reign in its excesses and amplify its voice – and that last bit will make her smile! Really excited to be signed with someone looking for original writing, and to be part of a venture that’s going to be punching above its weight for years to come.’

More info coming soon…

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